In response to the demand of the new virtual events climate our team have been focusing on expanding and developing our entertainment options. We wanted to create a full multi-room online event experience where you can gather your friends, your team or your clients together and move around a party space with a variety of entertainment spaces to connect, laugh and have fun as a group.

For smaller groups, we can run multiple experiences in one room on a curated timetable or for larger groups we can run multi-room activities simultaneously. We create an online web-based foyer, and provide full technical production ensuring smooth online delivery. We also organise all the bookings and product deliveries on your behalf.

Virtual Events Live stream DJ's

Music is crucial to these gatherings and we have a full roster of International Live streamed DJ’s and club promotions broadcasting from locations all over the world such as Ibiza and Goa. All kinds of genres and musical tastes.

We also have live musicians, singers and percussionists. Our team will manage the space, using spotlighting to encourage the crowd to get involved AND to make this even more fun for the guests we have developed some interactive experiences such as our Guilty Pleasures Juke Box with DJ Tom Grimes; Tambos Pop Shit live requests or Miss Cupcakes hands in the air club classics. Soooooo much fun.

Virtual events Disco bingo

To get the party started and build in some group activities to get people to engage we have a wealth of virtual events party activities and games. The more interactive the better book our Disco Bingo! Created and delivered by Stephanie this is a fabulous musical take on traditional bingo. All kinds of different eras; special genre themed like Garage / RnB or Oldskool house or of course the namesake D.I.S.C.O or we can create something bespoke to fit your theme. Or try one of our Pop Culture Challenges live interactive experiences run with a host such as Dress Up King Andy Latham to ask the questions and show the footage. The guests compete and submit their answers via an app and see the live results on a leader board.

Virtual events HostsWe also provide tipples. There are a variety of options to suit all budgets from staging a pre-party cocktail/mocktail competition gathering to pre-mixed drinks delivered to the door. The premium option is for one of our live mixologists from Zest to hold cocktail making classes teaching groups how to mix the perfect drink throughout the party using a shaker, cocktail glasses, equipment and ingredients delivered directly to their door. We also do wine tasting, gin tasting and whisky tasting!

Don’t forget the glam – we host fun pre-party pamper tutorials for smokey makeup application, or to get the perfect pout; or get your club and festivals vibes on with our glitter, gems and face floral how to’s all live and interactive with Q&A and lots of laughs. And of course the all-important Fancy dress!!!!

Virtual events Zest cocktail makingWe also highly recommend booking our presenters, hosts, entertainers and performers to add that little extra pizazz to the party. We have everything from comedians, to drag acts, disco dancers to pole performers. Party liveners in full effect.

And DO NOT forget your virtual events party bags.. as well as tipples we can tailor goody bags and boxes to include items perfect for your shindig – think themed decor, snacks, fancy dress and whatever is needed for your live experiences such as glitter and drinks ingredients.

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