At this time of year companies and families are organising summer parties, family fun days and special celebrations such as kids parties. Our current climate means we are limited on numbers for in-person events so for larger impactive gatherings and annual company celebrations we highly recommend creating a virtual family fun day or festival online. Or as an alternative for smaller gatherings we are able to create a hybrid event and bring the socially distanced in-person entertainment to your garden and live stream to your friends and family that aren’t with you so everyone can take part.

Family fun days are normally a perfect mix of kids activities, family activities and activities for the adults. Virtual parties are no different. We can curate a magical timetable tailored to suit the guests and whatever theme you require. We have hundreds of off the shelf options but we excel in bespoke content. We recommend live interactive experiences with small audiences run throughout the day and we also have recorded content that can be slotted in.

Supercala kids yoga

We have a unique web-based password-protected portal with multi-room capabilities so that your guests can move around the virtual zoom spaces as if they are in a real fun day or party. We also provide themed party bags to bring props, products, and essential party items to the homes of your guests. We will organise all the online booking in advance so everything is carefully planned and tailored to suit the audience which is particularly important with kids content as its very age specific.

We have an extensive kids club range. These have been specifically designed to be super interactive and impactive onscreen to capture and maintain the attention of the children and to engage them as a group. Short quick pockets of colourful fun content with energetic presenters and hosts are highly recommended for kids. So we normally suggest 15 min slots or 30 mins maximum for slightly older children and more involved content.

Balloon making

Creative activities include arts and crafts like superhero and fairy face painting and glitter tutorials; Junk Jodie who creates art with the kids using recycled materials; Balloon animal making; Bubble making; Paint your feelings; or Silly Putty creatures.

Kids wellness has been redefined with kids laughter yoga, breathing visualisations and kids adventure and storytime yoga. Play is super important and is encouraged in ingenious ways through immersive virtual drama classes, dancing, musical statues and bumps, hooping, singalongs and storytime. All of these are designed to create connection, educate and inspire the children.

Although the adults have been known to love some of the kids classes (particularly the balloon animal making…) we also have created many family-friendly activities to do together. Mocktail classes where you learn all the tricks of how to mix and garnish epic mocktails and then we run a competition for the best creations.


For our Musical, Movie and Karaoke bingo, we have family favourite options such as Singalong family classics and can create any topic genre to suit the theme of your fun day or party. We can also make it extra special by focusing on the fave genre of the person whose birthday or celebration it is.

family fun day Hooping classesWe have lots of super fun hosts and presenters who get in the action and run epic Tik Tok style danceathons copy the moves during one of our family faves live DJ sets. Why not try Pop tastic party hits or Boys V’s Girls chart-toppers?. Our DJ’s can create playlists to suit any tastes, any genre and any age group. We also have access to some amazing bands and live singers and can incorporate any content you wish.

Just as we would do at a normal in-person funday we recommend some content just for adults. Some of our top favourites for summer parties would be Disco Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Fitness and Dance classes, Graffiti workshops, Mindful mandala drawing, Breath work, Meditation, Immune Boosting nutrition talks, DIY facials and Skincare tutorials, Makeup tutorials, Self and couples massage the possibilities are endless…

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Family fun day

Family fun day