Why virtual events & hybrid?

  • Flexible

  • Impactive

  • Content rich

The last year have seen huge changes in the events industry and we have been fully focusing on creating new unique exclusive content for Virtual events and coaching and mentoring our practitioners and partners to deliver professionally online. Our main focuses are live interactive entertainment, wellness, creative and beauty experiences for events and campaigns but we also offer access to our pre recorded material.

We are now taking enquiries for Hybrid events where we will be able to deliver to small social distanced in-person audiences and live stream simultaneously catering for both an in-person and an online audience. We can also live stream in content from elsewhere to live events. Plus all these options can be flipped to virtual if required.

Why virtual events & hybrid?

  • Flexible

  • Impactive

  • Content rich

These experiences can be booked as a singular event for team building, special occasions, online campaigns, client incentives. Or you can book any combination of these to create entire curated virtual or in-person events and campaigns perfect for corporate parties, family fun days and health and wellbeing programmes.

For both online events and in-person we provide a personalised consultancy service advising on the exact content that will be most beneficial for your needs. Our in-house entertainment, wellness, creative and beauty team work closely advising, training and coaching our presenters, practitioners and partners and creating new bespoke content with them. Always seeking to improve the value of the content, the delivery and the impact on audiences. Therefore unlike any other agency in the world we know the content inside out and have been involved in honing and creating it.

Our experience

We have 13 years experience in delivering these kind of experiences in every kind of event imaginable. We have project managers who deal with all the event management and logistic planning. We have brandable online booking systems that can deal with any pre-booking admin for multi-experience events. We will advise you exactly how to incorporate our content into your event OR we will curate the entire experience for you.

Virtual events

For online experiences, we deal with all the technology and have technical teams and admins supporting every session so the presenter can focus on their content. Managing the launch, greeting the attendees, muting/unmuting, managing the chat, the recording, spotlighting etc. We host in all basic platforms such as Zoom, Webex, Teams and Google Meets. We have also worked with many other more advanced platforms and source accordingly so can also advise on alternative platforms and adapt content to suit your own in-house delivery systems.

There are different levels of production available starting from basic delivery from the practitioners home address; to the option of professional production in a live location up to studio-quality live-streamed performances. We have a Global team so also have access to some amazing shooting locations for delivery production in Europe and across the world such as Ibiza and New York.

We have also a access to a number of brandable advanced virtual platforms for virtual events. These have varying functionality great for larger multi room parties, wellness programmes and retreats and conferences. They allow guests to move around between different stages or interactive virtual rooms. they have sponsor options, exhibitor spaces and live video networking.  You can recreate the feel of a party, festival or summit environment online.

COMING SOON – A new VR style platform and specially designed ‘worlds’ for you to host your events in.

We also provide products and equipment and styled personalised boxes delivered to peoples homes and will advise on everything needed to make your at-home virtual event experiences fully tangible and impactive.

Hybrid events

When we return to an element of in-person events this summer we can deliver all of our usual experiences and simultaneously live stream to any online audience managing the flow between both formats. Most experiences can be delivered in this way. We work with selected videographers to orchestrate the live stream to the highest quality. We can also stream in live presenters, entertainment and speakers into an in person live event.

We also have amazing styled experience areas which are powerful for in-person or filmed location setups ranging from fully dressed indoor furniture and equipment up to entire outdoor experience zones such as trucks, airstreams and marquees.

Regarding treatments, once we have more official guidance on the delivery of in-person interactions and how treatments will operate in events in the future we will update our site and advise around any specific enquiries. In the meantime, virtual tutorials and live Q&A’s are incredibly powerful and rewarding.

Check out our social channels Instagram / Facebook / Twitter where we constantly feature our professional team and samples of their content. Get in touch with our team to discuss ideas Call 0800 6891757 or Message us.

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  • Mr Doris live-streamed virtual DJ experience
  • Zest mixology filming on location
  • Gavin Mackenzie giving a live talk on creativity
  • Yoga with Chet filming on location
  • Hybrid live and live-streamed insanity class content with Dave Clark Body and Mind Fitness Personal Training
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