Why heal?

  • Breakthroughs

  • Truth

  • Freedom

Working with energy is the future. A new corporate health and wellbeing phenomenon to most, energetic treatments and bodywork can really get to the core of peoples struggles with physical, emotional and mental torments and create huge life-changing paradigm shifts. Our sister company Vanity Van have a range of salons, spa equipment, and mobile units to bring these treatments to life in any event space indoor or outdoor.

We have expert practitioners in Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Shamanic healing, Plant-based medicine such as Cacao ceremonies and ground-breaking new techniques. These can be offered either as one on one treatments or in some cases in a group corporate health and wellbeing class setting. Vanity Van also offer IV drips delivered by qualified nurses.

Why heal?

  • Breakthroughs

  • Truth

  • Freedom

Heres a list of the kinds of treatments we offer. You can get the full detailed list of all available experiences and portfolios for virtual by emailing bookings@theexperience-collective.com or for in-person treatments by emailing bookings@vanityvan.co.uk:

Please note we can offer remote reiki, energy and shamanic work virtually which is just as effective as in person. Why not try Reiki one training for your team to help deepen their meditation practice and take them on a remarkable journey of self-discovery?

Reflexology – Foot, Facial, Hand reflexology – 15-60 mins

Energy work – all can be delivered online remotely – Reiki 1 training – one day, Reiki healing, Kinesiology 15-60 mins treatments

Psychic and card readings – can be delivered online remotely 30-90 mins

Shamanic work – can be delivered online remotely 30-90 mins

IV drips – wide range of booster shots and full treatments 20-40 mins

Acupuncture – Traditional and Cosmetic – 30-90 mins

Chiropractor – 60-90 mins

Hopi ear candles – 30-60 mins

Access Bars – 30-60 mins

We have a wealth of expert corporate health and wellbeing practitioners, partners and change-makers who offer unique experiences.

Tell us your needs and we will advise on what would work best. Once you have firm dates and times we can then check availability and send you the details of the exact practitioners available so you can choose what will be the best fit for your requirements.

Check out our social channels Instagram / Facebook / Twitter where we constantly feature our professional team and samples of their content. Get in touch with our team to discuss ideas Call 0800 6891757 or Message us.

All images featured are taken at our live events and campaigns

Luana Oliveira administering a Reflexology and Reiki treatment

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