In these challenging times, business-critical seems to be the word on everyone’s lips. Virtual events have so far been very focused on essential work activities such as virtual conferences, exhibitions, summits and meetings. However, the in-person versions of these normally contain multiple important meet points such as the lunch break, morning coffee, ice-breaking workshops and after conference drinks.  Those interactions are largely missing from virtual events and this is where the magic happens, its where bonds are formed and business relationships are fostered. Its where the power is.

There are ways to create these nuanced connection spaces online. The key is to keep it to small groups, use live interactive memorable experiences and drill into the power of active conversation.

Turn the learning up a gear and include some Inspire impactive expert content and create some conversations such as How to boost your immune system; Conscious parenting during Covid; Practical mindfulness for remote workers; Stay at home stress Relief practices – we have many amazing quirky and useful interactive workshops to facilitate group discussions. Open discussion is a great way to create connections between strangers or colleagues.

Virtual conferencesUse powerful moments of stillness and flow with an ethereal meditation delivered from a rooftop in Goa or a stunning restorative kundalini yoga flow from a shala in Ibiza over sunset. Create memories, bond energy, focus the mind and open up creativity.

Use mindblowing techniques to break up your virtual conferences such as 10 mins of immune-boosting oxygenated conscious deep breathing – ensures pin-sharp razor focus and wakes the crowd up as well as cracking the atmosphere and taking the learning and information absorption up a gear. Or serenade them over lunch with an intensive crystal bowl sound healing from the mountains of Portugal opening people up to be receptive to afternoon messages.

Virtual conferences

Stage impactive movement experiences to break up the flow of the day take people out of the humdrum intensive screen time and shock and awe them into their bodies using a blast of fitness or dance movement such as an online rave or dance competition.

Or why not try something epic and fresh such as Laughter yoga or Disco house yoga – break down barriers and create fun in the online space – its those moments the delegates will remember – and they associate those feelings with the brand or the company and the people that created them.

Run a Creativity Within coffee morning with coffee connoisseurs showing you how to maximise the power and flavour of your morning brew and how to tap into the creative power of Rocket Mochas containing ceremonial cacao.

Order our afternoon teas kits to be delivered to your delegates in their delegate virtual conferences packs and arrange small break out rooms and ice breakers to get people chatting, introducing themselves and create that ‘get to know you space’

Do not underestimate the power of Play …. hands-on creative experiences in small groups are super impactive online – mindful mandala drawing, colourful balloon animal making or street art techniques workshops make great ice breakers and our a fabulous way to introduce moments of mindfulness.

Virtual ConferencesTo finish the day leave a memorable moment by rocking their worlds with a luxury cocktail making experience or wine and cheese tasting –  we can send the whole hamper to their door complete with high-end cocktail shaker and tools and ALL the ingredients OR create an at-home ingredients list they can gather themselves. We can theme the cocktails to suit your event or brand and our expert mixologists will deliver an informative and competitive demo and Q&A where everyone can get involved. We also offer all our content as playback videos for a more cost-effective option.

Once the ice is broken and the drinks are flowing take this up a gear with some of our light-hearted team games such as Disco, Movie or Karaoke Bingo or put one of our masters of work into action and host a live Guilty pleasures DJ jukebox live-streamed from Ibiza where delegates can choose the tracks and dance along.

Team these experiences up with chill and chat spaces where delegates can grab their drinks and choose to catch up in a private video message with some of their colleagues, or clients just as they would in a real-life party. Solidify those meet points and the power of your event.

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