How do we go about creating a Virtual Party ?  the current question on everyone’s lips in these bizarre times!  Most content can be adapted for different sized audiences but some work better than others. Our team curate virtual party experiences by combining any number and type of experiences to suit your audience. Many experiences can also work as a standalone activity or alternatively be dropped into your own events. If you want everything taking care of our team can do all the production and planning for you, or for some experiences you can just book the presenters and manage the production in-house yourselves.

Virtual party beer tasting

Most hands-on tasting, making or doing virtual party experiences – such as drinks or food experiences, creative arts and crafts or learning a new dance routine work best with smaller groups of 8-25 so people can see, hear and talk to each other. For larger events, we provide comperes, hosts and production to support groups communicating through the chat.

For larger audiences, we can create experience rooms running content back to back which people can prebook in smaller groups.  Or you can deliver the content in a larger group and then split them down into smaller breakouts afterwards for networking.

Virtual party Musical Bingo Challenge

Virtual sit down dinners and drinks work well with smaller groups of 8-15 people – once you start to go above this the group dynamic changes and we find not everyone will fully engage.

Interactive virtual games like our unique themed musical bingo trivia challenge work well with groups of up to 150 and virtual party games such as scavenger hunt or inanimate objects charades work best with smaller groups of up to 25 as they require lots of visual interaction. You could run a ‘games room’ as part of a larger party on rotation to bring smaller groups together for interactive fun in a wider party.

Virtual party singer

Performances such as a bands, comedians, singers, character actors, DJ’s, visual artists work really well for groups of any size and can be made interactive such as posing or answering questions, choosing songs, engaging in a simple hands-on activity at home. We can set up multiple rooms and run a Comedy Club, a Main stage, a Guilty Pleasures tent – the possibilities are endless.

For parties begin with an ice breaker such as a mini cocktail making, drinks tasting, a welcome from your business host, party box opening and pre-drinks or why not let us help you run a mini awards ceremony to reward your staff.

For the perfect Virtual party run a selection of interactive games, experiences and performances. It works well to do something hands-on or a game, THEN have a break/interlude for people to chat & visit the toilet, grab a snack etc and then return to the game, another experience or some performances.

Virtual party disco inferno themed box

Remember your audience and their personal circumstances – consider what do they will like? Are they international? What time are you wanting to deliver this? will there be families at home? All these questions are key when figuring out what content to deliver.

Don’t forget we can run multiple rooms with different content to cope with large audiences with have a secure password-protected web-based brandable foyer where they can flow between rooms with the touch of a button.

Its key to consider choice for diverse audiences enable them to pick their hands-on activities or the overall virtual party theme or content to allow for different styles and tastes. When people choose they commit. For family events and kids parties age-specific content is also key.

Equally do not forget party boxes and activity boxes or even just getting guests to prepare items for the event also helps to improve engagement and make the virtual world tangible. We offer a full range of themed and bespoke party and gift boxes and can advise on content and dressing to suit your event. We also offer fully branded live stream spaces and luxury bespoke branded boxes for business entertainment gifts.

Get in touch for our brochures and portfolios to get a feel for our content at or book a meeting HERE let us take the stress out of your party planning!