Meet EXP Productions Global – After over a year immersed in producing virtual events, we are announcing our sister production company.  With our The Experience Collective content we often produce the virtual event from end to end and they can be complex and require alot of event production and tech know-how to deliver into a variety of platforms. Such as a virtual party with 8 live interactive rooms running simultaneously and 50 acts, performers, tech and admin staff!

So we have naturally evolved into producing business-critical virtual and hybrid events such as webinars, meetings, product launches, incentives, showcases, AGM’s, conferences, and exhibitions.

EXP Productions Global provide an end-to-end service for the design, production, contingency planning, and delivery of live-streamed events. As well as seamless live delivery we consult on the content design and do onboarding and rehearsals for all your content contributors, hosts, and presenters.

We have a state-of-the-art virtual studio and multiple tech solutions to enable us to live stream to any virtual platform and into any live event. We have a substantial support team of techs and admins and also have access to incredible entertainment and health and wellbeing content through our sister brand The Experience Collective.

We also consult with clients to help them find the right platform for their event and can coach and mentor in-house teams in platform use and the appropriate software needed for virtual event production.

This video demonstrates some of the techniques we use and how we can assist with your virtual production. You can get in touch with our production team at

Website launching soon is