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Experiences are essential for events and campaigns in order to create a memorable connection. The focus during Covid-19, in particular, is to help support the health and wellbeing of your remote workers and communities, team building events, special celebrations, family fun days, and client campaigns.

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Latest virtual services


– Virtual parties – NEW ‘build your own party’ packages – starting from one room parties up to multiple rooms and multiple performers. For large parties, we recommend a main stage with interactive performances and a themed musical experience and then offer virtual bars, games rooms, comedy club, magic, club rooms (DJ’s and dancers), musicians etc
– Family-friendly parties and festivals – most of our content is ‘family-friendly’ but we also have an extensive kids club range and organise specialised events tailored for families or children
– Programmes of events of standalone team building making, tasting and doing events which include: food, drinks, beauty and creative activities.
All the above can come with or without party or product boxes where relevant.
– Long term corporate wellness programmes – offering cost-effective regular weekly content to companies teams

– Specialised virtual content – for MICE events used for breakouts, workshops, icebreakers and main stage speakers.
– Wellness days/wellness weeks – Virtual retreats with a condensed array of content tailored for teams which can be prebooked or operated as drop-ins


Production and Delivery

For individual standalone virtual experiences, we charge a flat rate based on the size of the audience and the length of the experience plus any additional supplements for the specific presenters.  Rates are also affected by whether you wish us to produce the event and sometimes there are additional costs for virtual platforms sourced for your needs. Product packs come with our creative, food and drinks experiences and we create bespoke party boxes.

We offer cost effective prerecord options and the option to purchase the rights to the recorded footage to then be able to share that recording to any group or team members that couldn’t attend – fantastic for informative footage or repeatable techniques. We also have professional videographer teams to film in locations and studios if you wish this us to produce a hybrid or live event or create a professional prerecord bespoke to your needs.

We offer substantial discounts for multi bookings and large parties. Our most cost effective packages with our best rates are our programmes of events which start at 12 events over a 3 month period perfect for regular team building or corporate wellness programmes. There are huge cost savings and options for recording and sharing the audio and visual to increase the impact. Don’t forget we also offer FREE team assessments to ensure we hit the mark with the content and maximise the impact of your investment.

Tell us your needs and we will advise on what would work best as a framework. Once you have an idea on dates and times we can then check availability and send you the details of the exact parties, performers, workshops and classes available so you can choose what will be the best fit for your requirements.

Check out our social channels Instagram / Facebook / Twitter where we constantly feature our professional team and samples of their content. Get in touch with our team to discuss ideas Call 0800 6891757 or Message us.

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  • Hannah Goodman – Grounded Conscious breathwork specialist
  • Barbara Cox – Nutritionist and Member of the European council of wellness 
  • Laura McRae – Alone Together Yoga
  • Steve Edmonds – Virtual Cocktail making
  • Tom Grimes Ibiza DJ – Guilty pleasures jukebox
  • Super Cala – Superhero yoga class
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