It has never been more important to consider the health and wellbeing of your teams and colleagues. It will be one of our biggest challenges this year but there are many aspects that affect how people feel and their general wellness. Traditionally this would be conducted as an in-person assessment and programme of activities integrated into the working week but how can this be delivered and orchestrated now we are faced with a vast amount of remote workers?

health and wellbeingThere are various core elements to consider when assessing someone’s health and wellbeing. The first thing we have to be aware of is EVERYONE is different. Everyone has different challenges and different home lives and support networks. For some being away from the workplace has left them very isolated and alone and for others they cannot get a moment to themselves. Everyone is vulnerable right now but for vastly different reasons. As a company you need to take that into account to support them effectively.

As well as the individuals’ health and wellbeing needs there are also team dynamics to consider. What as a group do they need support with?. What could they take part in together that would strengthen them as a whole? When learning new skills, delving into new techniques or just coming together to take part in a class there is a group dynamic. The live connection of those people coming into that space during that experience is extremely valuable in its own right and can help encourage further exploration and commitment to a change or a new skill.

health and wellbeingWe have created some simple FREE tools to enable companies to explore and cater for these needs either as an individual plan or as an anonymous group litmus test. Here is a sample of what these look like – The individual sample test and the anonymous group sample test. The idea is to understand the challenges of either the individual or the group in order to know what content will be most crucial for them to have access to to help them to resolve those challenges.

We provide these tests to companies and then hand over the analysed results to them to use to structure their health and wellbeing plans. There is no obligation to receive those results free of charge. We also can use this information to offer recommendations of what content we would suggest focusing on to benefit those individuals or those teams.

We offer cost-effective remote health and wellbeing programmes featuring a full range of content for group LIVE webinars, workshops and classes, prerecorded content and one to one sessions for more deep dives.

Including a wealth of subjects such as Health issues; Nutrition styles; Supplements; Immune Boosting; Gut health; Cleanses; Stress management; Covid recovery; Mental Health; Mindfulness; Yoga; Breathwork; Finances; Addiction cessation; Self Love; Communication; Relationships; Parenting; Intuition; Goal Setting; Cardio; Strength work; Dance and Beauty.

health and wellbeingCheck out our Inspire, Connect, and Move service pages in particular. We also offer much-needed connection and team-building with our entertainment offerings, family fun days and our kid’s club which families have adored during the lockdown on our Play services page.

You can also use snippets of this content as icebreakers, breakouts, main stage content and workshops for conferences, exhibitions and meetings to reward, educate and inspire. Valuable interactive content is crucial to maintain focus, attention and engagement during Virtual events. We have a large professional production team for all our events and experiences who manage the platform, the tech, the admin and the guests. Alternatively, we can offer our experts on presenter-only fees and work with your own in-house production teams.

As well as programmes and content snippets we can create online virtual wellbeing retreats. Where we can build a full programme for a day or even a week for staff to take part in activities on a more condensed approach focusing on their wants and needs. We have a fully immersive brandable virtual event platform which can house such experiences and host stages and manage links to the interactive virtual spaces and a timetable as well as offering live private video conferencing for guests to chat in their own bubbles between sessions. Interactive rewards are key to maintaining morale and help with retention and resilience within teams.

health and wellbeingWith remote working we have lost many of those nuances – the meet and greets over coffee, the casual chats between meetings, the lunchtime gatherings and the post-work tipples – it’s those moments where relationships are formed, alliances created and team bonds built. These are crucial to our working relationships and oil the wheels of projects, collaboration and productivity – as they say “teamwork makes the dream work!” We have to find new ingenious ways to bring your teams together virtually and help support them and encourage them to connect online with each other in non-work settings so they can restore those relationships and help each other through the coming months.

Please get in touch to discuss our content options and our programmes in more detail. We are offering 1 months trial of our health and wellbeing programmes for 20% off in January so this is the ideal time to test the water and meet our fantastic team of worldwide experts. You can book a meeting HERE or email us at or call us on 0800 6891757 . We will also be sharing regular snippets of our content on our channels so please do follow us on our socials for updates! Facebook Instagram Twitter Linkedin