If the worst should happen and events or in person celebrations need to be postponed this season what can you do to gather your team together for a last minute Virtual Christmas Parties? Here are our top tips !

Virtual Christmas PartiesMusical bingo – pick a theme such as a music genre or era, choose your tracks, pop them into the bingo card maker and set the size or number of cards you need – for an hour you need about 30 tracks and 4×4 on the bingo cards. Set some prizes for the first/second line and a full house and hey presto you have a party! Get everyone to dress up to suit the theme thats always super fun to see on screen. All you need to work out is how to share your music in your chosen platform and if you can bring people to your virtual stage for virtual dance offs.

Crafting – find someone local to you who has been running either in person or virtual craft activities such as floristry, baking, festive decorations OR find someone in your team who has this as a hobby. It doesn’t have to be perfect or complicated its the getting together that matters. Ask them to create boxes of the things you would need and send them out to your team or you can tell everyone what they need to prepare in advance. Then bring your presenter to the stage and they can go through the session step by step and you can make something together as a team. Virtual events where you make something tangible are really rewarding and great for all the family to get involved.

Virtual Christmas PartiesCocktail making – again pick an era or theme and choose a couple of simple to make cocktails. Make a play list to go with your theme and maybe some trivia questions. Make a list of ingredients people would need to gather together. You can substitute cocktail shakers with protein shakers, Nutribullet or even a jug and a spoon. You will need lots of ice and some nice chilled glasses to serve. Why not run a cocktail competition to see who can create the best garnishes or concoctions? All you need to do is shake your drinks, have a dance together and quiz each other!

Games – there are lots of board games that you can play on line with teams. Get one of your team to be quiz master and control who sends the cards to who. Couple of good ones are Accentuate where people have to do accents and the team has to guess the accent and the film. Pictionary is also possible in Zoom where you can use the whiteboard to draw your picture. Or why not play something super simple and hilarious like charades!! Guaranteed to have you all falling about in laughter and don’t forget to have some prizes for the winners.

Virtual Christmas PartiesThemed party – and finally if you want someone to take the stress out of your hands why not book someone like our team for some next level Virtual Christmas parties action. We have multiple platforms including a stunning metaverse Fire & Ice Virtual Christmas Parties world where you can transport the team out of their homes into a magical festive world.

We have multiple themes – festive, disco inferno, club tropicana, poptastic, ibiza club tour, PRIDE world tour, festival world tour and we can create bespoke. These parties are non stop action they are more like a mad cap game with a live host, performer clips, constant challenges, iconic clips, brain teasers and epic tracks.

These Virtual Christmas Parties are designed to be super engaging and interactive. The tech and admin team manage the stage so everyone can see all the action and compete for the prizes. We can also add in a mixologist and 2 live performers to take things up a gear.

We hope these tips have been useful and that you have a jolly good time this festive season ! Email us at bookings@theexperience-collective.com for more information about how we can help with your Virtual Christmas Parties needs.

Virtual Christmas Party