We are launching the worlds first Corporate wellness program ON DEMAND wellness membership for corporates. To improve attendance, retention, productivity and focus you have to now more than ever reach out and connect with your teams offering them outside of the box support in all aspects of their lives. Corporate wellness programmes can be extremely challenging to curate in house. 

Corporate wellness programWe have been delivering LIVE Health and Wellbeing virtual events and programmes for over two years. We recognised that as well as rich live interaction there is a need for a cost-effective approach where internal teams can host these experiences themselves AND individuals are given a forum where they can actively participate in their own wellness journeys.

There will be a number of ways to access this prerecorded content either via your own intranet or through a membership site. It will be designed to feel like its live and will include engagement tools and gamification.

Our client branded corporate wellness program on demand membership sites are also a social network so teams can connect, support and encourage each other to absorb and action the content.

We have over 100 unique experts, speakers and practitioners and we have developed an exclusive range of content with them. We give you FREE anonymous team wellness assessments to help you gauge exactly what your team dynamic would benefit from so that you pick the right content to pitch to them to support their needs.

Corporate Wellness progamWe will be offering series of workshops, talks and classes around mental health, mindfulness, personal development, business development, nutrition, health, fitness, yoga, meditation, breath work, finances, creativity, communication, relationships, parenting and much much more…The package options available will include:

– Purchase the license for our individual sessions or series of sessions to host on your own intranet

– Access our membership site so that your managers, HR, Events and Wellness teams can host their own internal experiences with our prerecorded material and engagement action plans

– We create you a branded membership site with full access for all your employees to playback content on demand so you can combine live team group work with personal goals

– You can upgrade to a live event for a regular check in with your team regarding their journeys or to integrate the content into an important meeting

– Individuals will also have the opportunity to develop this knowledge further by actively engaging with our coaches and practitioners outside of work for their own personal development goals

Need to know more? get in touch at bookings@theexperience-collective.com or book a meeting directly here – www.bit.ly/expbookmeeting