Are you seeking corporate wellness support? We are super happy to announce our FREE Wellness Power Hour event taking place at 4pm 27th January 2022.

To join us register here and enter your details event access confirmation and how to log in will be sent out just before the event –

Corporate wellness

We are producing this event in our brand new Metaverse platform so you also get to experience a live event in this fantastic sensory rich space!

A great opportunity to meet some of our corporate wellness team, see our corporate wellness content live in action and get access to some impactive takeaways for you and your team.

Or as an agency be inspired by our creative ways to use content in virtual conferences, summits and meetings.

If you cannot make the live event please do drop us an email and we will ensure you get access to the recording of the event to watch back and share with your team.



We are featuring a series of our premium corporate wellness experts with whom we have developed an exclusive extended series of health and wellbeing workshops for 2022 in their specialist areas including – Mental Health, Mindfulness, Immunity, Fitness Development and Breathwork.

Alexandra Soame – our MD, Creative and Technical Director ‘The Tech Goddess – hosting and high energy icebreakers
Barbara Cox-Lovesy – Global Nutritionist, Author, Chef, Corporate Wellness Expert & Public Speaker – Top tips on how to support your immune system and live Q&A
Gavin Percy – Mental Health First Aid specialist trainer – Practical techniques mental health self care and live Q&A
James Davis and Claire Davis – The Midlife mentors, mindset, wellness and fitness coaches – Top tips for you and your teams fitness development for 2022
Kerry Dolan – Mindfulness expert and Hypnotherapy coach – Practical techniques for mindfulness in the workplace
Hannah Goodman – Breathwork specialist – A simple breathwork technique to bring you into the moment

We cannot wait to see you all!